By Ashley H.


Everyone knows the age-old saying, “April showers, bring May flowers.” This five letter phrase brings light to the fact that the month of April will make you bring out the rain boots, but come May, you will see that enduring the rain was worth it. With the coming of spring and summer, the grass begins to shine bright green and the brittle grass and bushes become beautiful and bright flowers. No matter if your young or old, we all enjoy the view of some pretty flowers. But why not bring that same outdoor beauty inside?

The beginning of summer, many people do spring-cleaning. This consists of cleaning out their closets, putting all their fall and winter clothing and shoes away, and out comes the spring necessities. But why not do the same for your house, by giving your windows a summer makeover? This is a great idea that many people do not consider. If you love floral patterns and prints, you do not have to seek out window coverings with patterns of flowers per say. This can sometimes limit you if you decide to change some decor in the room. I suggest getting basic blinds that are neutral in color and sprucing them up with floral fabric tapes or edge binding.

Faux and real wood blinds are great for a quick summer look. Faux wood blinds will hold up well in high humidity areas, like a bathroom or kitchen. They are easy to clean and not easily able to warp. Real wood blinds are natural material, light in weight and easily matched to floral decor. Just because these blinds do not come in floral patterns, doesn’t mean you can’t give them a floral sprucing. You can take either of these two blinds and add fabric tape colors like Courtyard or PR Elegance natural/white/cocoa. A fabric tape like Courtyard will give blinds a soft and elegant floral feel without the vinery presence, but if you seek a more prominent floral display, the PR Elegance tapes are a great option.

Woven wood shades are another great product to add with a floral appeal. These look natural and earth friendly already. By adding edge binding to these shades, you will create a garden type experience in your blinds. Fabric tapes like the Vineyard Red or Valencia Green are great examples. They are sharp in the floral appearance but create a very bold look! Floral in clothes, curtains, etc. are all the rage. But you do not have to overdo the trend. You can take a very simple blind or shade and add floral fabric to make it stand out.