By: Aisha 5.0.2

My family recently just added a new addition to our home. That new addition was a bouncing baby girl. Her name is Angel. We decided upon her arrival that we would convert our sun porch into a playroom for her. The problem was with the extreme sun coming into the room it made it hazardous for her to play in. We needed window coverings to rectify this issue and as fast as possible. At first we had put up some cheap mini blinds, but as soon as she could walk all of them became damaged. We then tried cloth and fabric ones. Those met the same fate after her messy finger paint hands got a hold of them. So then we started looking for something that was more durable and relatively easy to clean, that doesn’t bend.

We decided to choose faux wooden blinds. The style is called wood tones and its in an antique off white color. They are great because they give us the ability to filter in the light simply by turning the wand. They are durable because they are made from PVC material. And they are easy to clean, we can use anything to wipe them down. The baby has gotten a hold  of them countless times and yet they are still holding strong. The added benefit was that they were also cost effective, which was imperative to our ever growing family.

We had to do an outside mount however for them since we did not have enough depth to mount them on the inside of the window. So in order for them to keep there finished appearance we decided to get a series of two on one blinds. It works out wonderful because we have a bunch of double hung windows in the room. We also got a designer valance so that it would give our windows some framework to work with since they cover the windows in their entirety.The blinds even came with cord cleats to tie the strings up on the side to make the room even more baby friendly. Its a great product with great options.