By: Gloria and Dominic



We are now into the middle of the fall season which is arguably the most beautiful of all seasons. There is almost nothing that can compare to the fall foliage. Home decorating and fall tend to go hand in hand. There are many great ways to decorate for fall. New window treatments can really make a statement when going for the fall theme.

When choosing a fall color it is best to go with bright colors and woven patterns.  This will help to create a warm atmosphere this holiday season. There are multiple ways to obtain this look. You could set yourself up with verticals, wood woven, roller shades, pleated, or roman shades. We have the foliage fabric which has plenty of colors to fit just about anyone’s needs. The foliage style looks just the way you would imagine it to with multicolored fabrics all woven together to form one dynamic super shade.  It is also available in the roller shade, roman shade, and fabric verticals, all of which range in price so your sure to find something that will work for what ever budget you have and still achieve the the look of the foliage fabric.

Another tip that you may find useful is if you are planning on doing a room that has a slider and other window in the same room then you can put up foliage verticals on your slider and then go with a foliage roller or roman shade on the windows.  This will help to give the room a cohesive feel.

So do yourself a favor this fall and make your home look great with the foliage style shades. There is a color for everyone from whites, greens and reds, orange and yellow. There are bright and dark colored fabrics as well. The most wonderful thing about these shades are that they are perfect for fall but will also look great during the other seasons of the year as well.