Create a Rich Bold Look with Jewel Tones

There are many ways to enhance your space with color.¬† Jewel tones are rich color tones that resemble well known gemstones and are a bold way to enrich your space with personality and warmth. If you’re confident in your color choice, start by painting the walls a rich color or go all out with a vivid sofa or chair. Or if you’d prefer a more subtle look, work in the colors via decor with bold window treatments, rugs, pillows, and wall art.

In the example pictured above we mixed our eye-catching Morningside roller shade  with a minimalist decor and neutral white shades to bring a pop of color to this dining space. Bold and rich, jewel tones work with any design style and in any season. Get inspired Рand let our design experts help you create a modern, glam jewel-toned look to liven up your space!