There’s a slight chill to the air, the days are getting darker earlier and thoughts start to change from beach trips and swimming pools to cozier things like warm beverages and hiking through the now fire-hued woods. This change of season of course merits a change of decor as well. Long gone are the colorful summer blooms making room for more hearty plants like fall mums and astors. If you have a wreath on your front door consider making way for a style that incorporates corn husks & multi colored corn cobs. It’s a good time to pick up some decorative pumpkins and gourds as well to make a statement on your front stoop or – assemble them in a pot of their own. 

As far as interior decorating goes, try using monochromatic colours in warm, late-summer sun kissed hues. This is the time of year where deep rich burnt oranges take centre stage, with accents of golden yellows and chocolate browns. But do not feel limited to the traditional fall themed pallet…in the past few years we’ve seen a spike in more unusual accent colours like deep teals, and magentas. You’ll also find no shortage of golden coloured accents in decor stores, they are a great way to brighten up an area while keeping in line the warm fall colours. 

No matter your style, there is no wrong way to approach fall decor.  Just keep a few simple things in mind: the cozier the better (think warm fluffy throws for your book nook/living room),
muted, relaxing pallets (if you’re feeling adventurous try adding pops of color ), and definitely bring in those potted plants that need to stay out of the colder weather and accent your front porch or deck with some gorgeous and simple fall pots or dried out corn stalks. The days may be getting shorter but your decor can still brighten things up!