I recently moved into a gated community, and I’ve just settled into my condo. There are not too many restrictions by the community board so I am free to choose whatever I like for my window coverings. The entire condo itself is not large. My main living area is made up of one big room, with a wide window in the middle of one of the walls. Since the window is so large and predominate in the room, vertical blinds will probably be the most practical option.

I want to keep the room looking and feeling open and bright, so fabric verticals will definitely help me achieve that. The function of fabric verticals is ideal for this space because I can keep my privacy when they are shut but because they let light in, my whole main living space can still stay bright . A neutral color with a slight pattern will really break up the wall and provide enough of a focal point to draw attention without taking away from the rest of the space. Fabric verticals also have a soft, curtain-like appearance, which will compliment my cozy furniture well. Not to mention, by getting a center opening with the track, this will allow a split and parting in the middle. So when I have my blinds completely open, the stacking on the sides will frame my window well, and it will be a great showcase for the beautiful view beyond.

So for those of you who are against vertical blinds, they can really benefit a space with their function and style options. I’d say they are a wonderful cure for a large and striking window.

By Brenna