By: Karen

My sister just purchased new blinds, and can’t stop raving about them.  She had told me she got wood blinds, and “dressed” them up.  Not understanding how you dress up wood blinds, I told her I’d stop by.

Just as a note – my sister and I have the most opposite taste possible – so I was excited when she mentioned she went with wood blinds because I have them in a couple of rooms in my house and think they are great.  I love the way they look and the way they function. 

The minute I drove up to my sister’s house I saw from the outside what she meant by “dressing” them up.  It was the strips of fabric that runs over the cord – you know the ones that look like suspenders? All of the blinds were white, but every window (I later found out it was every room), had a different color stripe.

Once I got inside she took me on a tour, and pointed out the element in each room that the colored strip matched to. A pillow in one room, the bedding in another, the granite in the kitchen… I had never seen her so excited about decorating, so I didn’t want to burst her bubble – I really was not a fan.  How long are you going to keep that pillow? How often do you change your bedding? That’s what you matched to?? Not to mention, how much harder it makes them to clean – you have to now be able to clean fabric rather than just dusting.  Also, they made all of the rooms’ look super country (which her house never felt like before).  But, the blinds themselves were very nice quality, and worked nicely too.

So, for once, I decided to be nice, and kept my opinion to myself.  I told her they looked great.  As a matter of fact I was inspired to go and redo a couple more rooms in my house, but I’ll be leaving the fabric tape off!