Fabric Roller Shades for the Great Room

by: Dominic


I was planning a family get together about a month ago for our grand parents anniversary party. In the process of cleaning up the house I realized that the old dust collectors also known as mini blinds in the great room needed to be replaced. My wife and I wanted to go with something that was somewhat formal looking and also grea
t quality. We decided that a product that would be easy to clean would best fit our needs as well. We only had a week to prepare before the big day came so we were running low on time. I knew that with the look I wanted to go with that my only option would be to order the shades custom. One company told me that I could place an order with them but the shades wouldn’t be ready for three weeks! Another company told me the same thing, they also had outrageous prices.

I found this company online and learned that they only had a two day turnaround time. I figured that this was the way I would have to go. I

visited  the show room and they had a very large selection and friendly service. We wanted to have a floral or paisley design and we found one called Versailles that went perfectly with our furniture in the great room. I was able to get roller shades with a chain mechanism on the side which raised and lowered the shade. They also had a valance that I thought looked really nice. The only thing that upset me about the valance was that the end caps were just gray pieces of plastic. I was really hoping that they could have extended the fabric on the valence right around the returns as well. I thought I was going to be paying an arm and a leg for the product. I could tell just by looking at it that it was high quality, not to mention that they are American made and come with a life time warranty! I was very happy when I got the quote which was far better than the competitors, it was a no brainer.

I bought the blinds and picked  them up a few days later. My son and I installed them all in under an hour. The installation was simple and the i


nstructions were very clear. The gray end caps that I was unsure about turned out to not be very noticeable and honestly don’t look bad. The floral pattern really makes the room look a lot more elegant and formal. I received many compliments from the family on the newly designed room and shades.

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