We all know that choosing a color to paint your living room is a hard enough, but when it comes to choosing a new color for the exterior of your house – the decision can be downright overwhelming. If you are looking for a change from what you currently have the options are endless – so where to begin??

First of all, decide what is going to stay a particular color. For example, if you have brick or stone on the exterior of your house, chances are that is going to stay. If your front door is a color you love, plan on keeping it that color. If you have a white porch, and want to keep that white, keep that in your plan. Once you have these colors in your list, you have a starting point. You will want to consider all your paint options with these elements (orange with brick might not be great, for example). Then, it’s time to decide on a trim color. If you are content with the color you have, then perfect! If not, consider what other colors you might like. The trim is an important feature because there will be a lot of it, and it will define the look of the house. Often the gutters, trim, garage doors, and porch are all painted in the same color as the trim, so it’s important to keep in mind there will be a lot of it.

Once you’ve determined those two pieces, then it’s time to narrow it down to some overall house color options. Are you set on keeping it a more neutral tone – beiges, grays, or browns? Or are you looking for more of an attention-grabber; reds, yellows, or blues? If you narrow it down to a general color family, grab some paint swatches and bring them home. Be sure to compare and contrast with your trim colors as well to ensure a nice overall flow. When you narrow it down even more it is highly recommended to buy some small paint samples and paint squares on the side of house itself to compare the colors. It is really important to see them at all times of the day to make sure it’s a color you love around the clock.

Keep in mind that it’s a huge change – it may take getting used to it too. When repainting an exterior, you’re literally changing the entire look of the home, so if your initial reaction isn’t love when you first finish, give it a week, and chances are you will grow to like it. Happy painting!!

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