By Gloria H.

That time of year has come when the view from outside your window is quickly changing.  The leaves that were once green are now a warm orange or deep red.   You want to have a chance to enjoy whats happening outside before they fall off the trees and are covered in snow.  The only problem is that  the falling leaves are leaving you a bit exposed.  So your thinking to yourself wouldn’t it be great if you could enjoy the view while still having a level of privacy at the same time.  Now this is were Blinds to Go can help.  We have the perfect product that would work great for you, it a sunweave roller shade.

A sunweave shade will maximize the view to the exterior while providing you with protection from harmful ultra violet light, which means you will be able to see out the shade without needing to raise it.  This way you can enjoy your view and have privacy at the same time.  Our sunweave shade is avaible in a variety of colors and styles.  Our Barcelona sunweave is avaible in many colors including Nutmeg and Citrus Spice.  Both are a multi colored shades that have a natural feel ideal for any home style.  All of our sunweaves are composed of a vinyl material which requires low mantiance.  They are water resistant so you can wipe them down with a damp cloth.

Since it is a roller shade there are many options that you can choose to really make it your own.  Besides the largest selection in color you can choose to dress up your shade with one of our valance options, this would go across the top of your shade to cover the roll of material. If you have small childern and cord safy is a concern then you may want to think about going with a spring option.  Which ever way you go just make sure to do it fast before you miss out on all the excitement thats right outside your window.