In today’s world, who wouldn’t want to save the planet while saving money? Concerns over the environmental state of our planet have risen along with oil and gas prices. The cost of utilities continues to creep up. Now, more than ever before, people are trying to save the planet and watch their bank accounts in the process. So when a product comes along that helps us save both the planet and money, it must be worth talking about.
Energy-saving blinds (also commonly known as honeycomb shades) are such a product.  Honeycomb shades have air pockets that help conserve energy by acting as window coverings that are insulating, heat barriers. In the summer these shades keep the heat from the outdoors outside (where it belongs). They also reduce glare on television screens and give total daytime privacy. In the winter, honeycomb shades do just the opposite. They keep the cold air out and the warm air in so your home is  toasty and warm. Most importantly by keeping the warm air out in the summer and keeping the cold air out in the winter they help reduce your heating and cooling energy requirements and are thus better on the environment and on your bank account! With benefits like these, these window treatments are truly a smart choice, definitely worth the effort of passing along the message to others.