You may ask yourself, other than turning off the lights for earth hour, what more can you do? Here are some tips and tricks that will not only help you out, but also help save our environment!

Whenever you are home, only turn on and plug in what is necessary.  For example, that little red light on your DVD player, although it indicates it is turned off, it still uses phantom power when plugged in.  Or how about that microwave that is plugged in only to tell the time 90% of the day, is also wasting useful energy.  So just because it is turned off, keep in mind that it still uses electricity.

Consider using solar panels.  These can be installed on your roof top, and will work directly from sun light to preserve energy and put less strain on the energy grid.  They will help you save a lot on your hydro bill, as they will help bring power into your home and are very environmentally friendly.

Try to use less batteries where possible.  Batteries are harmful for the environment, and should be avoided as much as possible.  For example, instead of getting a motorized blind, for out of reach windows, consider getting a special length chain that would make the blinds easily accessible.  These are available for most blinds and shades at ‘Blinds To Go’, for no extra charge.  Also- consider the hassle you would have to go through every time that battery dies!  Save yourself the headache, and opt for things that don’t use batteries, whenever possibly.

Buy a thermostat that is equipped with a timer.  By doing this, you can change the temperature for certain times of the day depending on your schedule.  There is no need to keep the air conditioning unit at full blast when no one is home.  You can set up a schedule that works for you and help by not wasting unnecessary energy.

By implementing these different tips, you can save a lot of energy, and therefore help save the environment.  Don’t forget, turn off and unplug unused power, use solar panels, less batteries, and a thermostat timer!