By: Sherry


Dubai Earl Grey Roller

My husband and I recently decided to re-do some of the rooms in our house. We hadn’t updated anything since we first moved in 10 years ago. On our list of rooms was our dreaded sunroom. I say dreaded because there are a lot of windows and they are pretty big. When we moved in, we looked at custom window treatments and it was a hefty cost at that time. Instead, we had decided to just buy some mini blinds off the shelf to cover them. Now, they are dusty, old, and we want to update the look; it was time to tackle this room.

One problem we have with the room is the amount of sunlight. We love how sunny it is, but sometimes we cannot even use the room because of it. It gets very hot in the summertime and chilly in the winter. We also have a great view of our backyard from the sunroom. The problem is we have to close our blinds to shield us from the glare, but then you cannot see out.

My husband did some research. He said we could do wood blinds there, but the downside is they room darken (to block glare) and could fade. We could also do cellular shades, but when they’re down (to insulate and block glare) we lose our view outside. Then we looked at woven wood shades, which we would still give us a view but were susceptible to fading. We finally decided on a solar shades. They insulate by absorbing and reflecting the sun yet we can still see outside. They also are a protected material, which will withstand the sun.

We hung them up and they look great. The solar shades really help keep the room cooler. We also love that we can still see our garden and pool from inside. I really would recommend this style shade for anyone who has a sunroom and doesn’t need privacy.