Keeping your home clean can sometimes be such a draining chore with all the mopping, vacuuming, disinfecting and or stain fighting who has time for anything else? This season, while you are spring cleaning why not put some easily cleaned window treatments in your room as a final touch? That way you can have more time to spend alone or with family and friends.

With our two inch blinds in either PVC, Vinyl, or Aluminum you can wipe and go, not worrying whether they will get dingy or stained. With the proper care these treatments can last many years to come and still look good as new. They allow you to adjust how much light come into the room as well as still providing you with one hundred percent privacy that is wanted while they are shut.

On the other side of the spectrum we have our Vinyl coated Pleated Shade in the Chrush Design or our vinyl Roller Shades in the Brilliance Design. Both can be wiped down all the same and can handle larger widths and heights with out smooth cord-lock mechanisms; just like the blinds these shades give you good versatility, color wise, that way they can fit in any room color palette.

The great thing is no matter what you choose we also have great valance choices to dress them up if wanted, giving your room that simple and yet elegant choice to complete it. So no matter which direction on the spectrum you decide to go in, it will surely be the cherry on top not matter what room you put them in.