By Gina G.


One of my favorite color palettes is earth tone.  I love utilizing the colors we find outside in nature to decorate the insides of homes.  I especially appreciate the contrast that earth tones allow.  In particular, I enjoy contrasting greens, reds, and browns.  For instance, having light colored greens contrasting deep, dark browns with accenting reds, or any combination of this really can bring a relaxing warmth to any room.

When it comes to window treatments in a room that has earth tones, there are a lot of options.  Natural, or natural looking products, can certainly complete this look.  The obvious choice to decorating a window in a room that has earth tones would be to choose something natural such as wood blinds or bamboo shades.  Wood blinds, with the natural imperfections and variety in color definitely bring a rustic charm to any room.  Bamboo shades also do this, but with more variety due to the various woods and grasses utilized.

However, if you have a room that has earth tones but isn’t an ideal space for a natural product (such as areas with moisture or strong sun), there are still options available that look natural and can complete your look.  You should consider natural looking fabrics that look more like bamboo or wood.  I do like faux woods as options for such windows, but I definitely prefer shades to blinds in this situation.  More specifically, I think the simplicity of a roller shade with natural looking fabric can really blend with an earth-toned decor.  Roller shades, because they are just one layer of fabric, make an easy addition to any room without what could be considered distracting dimension such as pleats or folds.

Finally, if none of the above options work in your particular room, consider going back to basics and selecting a neutral colored shade other than white.  At the very least, the neutral won’t compete with or distract from the various reds, greens, and browns.  And with that you can certainly choose to use other decorative items (such as potted or hanging plants) to enhance your natural decor.