By: Nariah K.


Do you have that one window on your ceiling in your bedroom preventing you from sleeping because the sun shines so bright through it? Are you tired of the sun from your skylight window damaging your furniture and floors? We have the perfect solution that will allow you to sleep better at night and prevent you from waking up so cranky as well as protecting your furniture. Our skylight cellular shades will do just the trick and would be the perfect fit for ceiling windows, even the windows on an angle.

Our skylight cellular shades are designed specifically to operate smoothly for any style skylight window. We offer two different material choices, which are blackout and double cell light filtering. The blackout is designed for people who desire no light to come through the window (giving the room a “cave dark” effect), and the double cell light filtering is designed for those would desire some light to come through the window. You may think, “Why would I want light to come through if I’m trying to sleep in?” Don’t worry; the double cell is made with two layers of cells making the sunlight a little tougher to get through. This shade filters the light just enough, still allowing you to get some extra sleep.

The bonus to getting skylight cellular shades is that they also insulate! While blocking the hot summer sun, it also blocks the heat that comes with it, allowing your home to stay cool in the summer. It works just as well in the summer as it does in the winter, keeping the cool air out. I might add that the skylights are pretty appealing to the eye. They feature a durable track with a hidden gear system, so you do not have to see any cords or brackets while operating them. They also come with frame on the sides with a color coordinated aluminum slats on the sides. If you decided to go with a cream color, the frame of the skylight will match. Choosing the skylights for your home, you can give protection while also being stylish. With the summer sun right around the corner, the skylight cellular shades will be perfect for you! Now you can finally get some sleep.