By: Karen

Chances are, even though the cool nights have just begun, thoughts are already on your mind of how expensive the heating bills are going to be all winter.  Memories of the huge bills from last years chilly winter are flashing in your head.  And the reminder of telling yourself you were going to do some updates over the summer to prevent such bills from coming up this year…

Of course the most impactful change would be to replace your windows.  That also, unfortunately, is the most expensive way to attack the issue.  The least expensive option would be to get some of the “plastic wrap” for your windows. It is a plastic layer you add onto the frame of your windows, that traps the air and creates a barrier.  The only issue is, it is really not all that attractive of a solution to leave up all winter in the nicer areas of your house.

If you want to make a difference without replacing the windows, but also creating an attractive look in the room, you can invest in some window treatments that will help with the issue.  One option is lined curtains.  They are easy to put up and take down, but do create a heavier look on the outside of your windows.  The most tailored approach to covering your windows would be cellular shades.  They are a shade that is made up of two layers of fabric forming a honeycomb.  The barrier created by the honeycomb helps to keep in the heat you are paying for, and keep out the draft that is getting through your windows (in reverse effect during the summer they also keep out the heat and direct sunlight and keep in the air conditioning).  They come in a lot of different colors too so you can decide if you want to go neutral, and choose something that will disappear in your window, or add a pop of color to your decor.

Whatever approach you take, if you want to prepare yourself for the cold, you better start moving quickly.  Unfortunately there’s snow in the forecast for next week!