By: Karen

I know that cellular shades are the cool new thing. I get that they are insulating, can completely darken a room, and are available cordless. The problem is, they really are not that attractive. They only come in solid colors, which is generally pretty boring, and even though they can be ordered in lime green, doesn’t necessarily mean that you are still going to like lime green in a year. It seems that for some reason, what has been getting overlooked are the pleated shades.

From a distance, they look very similar. And although the pleated shades may not be available cave dark (who really needs to sleep in a cave), they can have a room darkening liner added to them. This means you have an option of any of the colors being made darker , whereas with cellular shades there are select colors, and they all look a little gray because of the aluminum lining they have in them. They are available in two different pleat sizes 1 and 2, which look nice in almost every size window (the 3/8 pleats cellular shades are available in really only look good in tiny windows).

They also come in a wide variety of colors , but they also come in a variety of patterns, and textures as well. There are subtle patterns, which break up the monotony of a large window, and there are patterns, which really give the shades a more decorative look and a more finishing touch in a room. Unlike with cellular shades, once you hang a pleated, you can leave it as is, and do not feel like you need to dress it up with curtains.

Granted they may not have the insulating value, but with the triple insulated windows that are being made now, insulation should not be so much of an issue, and really, fabric from a pleated is going to help somewhat. I have pleated shades throughout different rooms in my house, and I wouldn’t even consider trading them for cellular shades!