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Around the holidays, it seems money is going in a lot of directions. Whether it be on presents, or new outfits, food and parties, often there isn’t a whole lot left to buy things to decorate your house. Luckily, with a quick trip to the dollar store, and an afternoon of arts and crafts, you can transform some cheap buys into fabulous statement pieces.

One thing that almost every dollar store always has in stock are glass vases, containers, and bowls. The great thing about glass pieces is, that unless someone gets really close to them, they can’t tell its from the dollar store. You can easily spruce them up easily too. Fill them with plain ornaments, that will shine brightly in the light. You can put candy – holiday colored packaging will not only be decorative, but will double as a fun candy dish as well. You can even fill them with extra ribbon and bows that will bring a pop of color into the room.

Another great project is creating a wreath for your door – and even better it will be one that you can use year after year. What you need to buy is a few boxes of the plain round ornaments and some ribbon, and you will need a wire hanger. All of you have to do is unwind the hanger, and form it into a circle. Take the ornaments, and thread the circle part (where you would normally hang the hook for the tree) through the wire. As you fill it up the balls will fit on to each other, and it will form a wreath. At the end (when it is full), twist together the ends of the hanger. Create a pretty bow, and make a loop so you will be able to hang it on the door. It will look like you spent a lot more than $5!

One more fabulous idea I’ve used many times, is taking something bland and bringing it to life. For instance, if you are looking for some candle holders, buy the plain white ceramic ones, and coat them with glitter paint, and you have instantly changed the look. You can do the same thing with picture frames, mason jars, and even cute little holiday decorations (that might look cheap because of their colors). Happy decorating!!

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