By: Carrie WV-trinidad_cocoa


A few months back, my cousin bought her first house. As the unofficial family decor guru, she came straight to me for advice.

The house has a somewhat strange layout. There’s an area off the living room that the realtor called a nook, but it’s unlike any I’ve ever seen. It juts from the main house in a roughly 9’x7′ rectangle lined with large windows, essentially creating a sunroom sans door. It’s a great little spot, but doesn’t go with the vibe she wants for the living room. We decided to close it off and make it a proper sunroom.

The problem is the same problem the looms over most young homeowners – money! She’d dumped most of her savings into the down payment and furniture, so having a sliding door installed was too expensive a proposition. Luckily, I am also the family DIY guru and set about finding a cheap and easy solution.

All we needed were a couple of sheets of plywood, casters (rolling wheels), large eyehooks, and some piping. We hung the first sheet of plywood normally; it would be stationary. The second would be the slider. For this, we cut it down about 6″ to make room for the casters on the bottom and the eye hooks at the top. Making sure the eyehooks were lined up perfectly (which is very important), we slotted the pipe through the eyehooks and mounted it to the wall. Voila! The door slides flawlessly along the pipe!

We threw up a little paint and then we were done. For well under $100, we’d closed off that section and gave my cousin a gorgeous – and PRIVATE! – little sunroom to escape to.