Not every little girl dreams of being a princess, but if they do, guaranteed they will want a princess bedroom! The dilemma is, how to do it on a pretty low budget, in case she grows out of the princess phase next year!!

Nothing embodies a princess more than pink and glitter. For starters, a coat of paint will instantly transform the space. Keep in mind, pink paint always looks brighter on the walls than at the paint stores because it reflects around the room. Another way to bring in the pink in through bedding, blankets, and pillows (all reasonably inexpensive thing to change out). We suggest looking at big box stores, and discount home good stores for a good variety of princess related bedding. Curtains are also a great way to change up the room, because the light shining through them will give an accent to the room. Fun tip , get a variety of inexpensive princess jewelry (think dollar store) , and use them as accents, for example exchange a holdback hook on your curtains for a crown!

To bring in some glitter, a great place to start is to use existing accessories and accent them with a coat of glitter. You can update light switch covers by coating them in modpodge and sprinkling them with glitter! The same can be done to any other small items around the room – ceiling fan pulls, door knobs, etc. Another simple change is handles/knobs on dressers/nightstands. A lot of home improvement stores sell princess themed pulls (just keep the old ones somewhere safe in case you ever want to switch them back).

A great accent piece is some wall decor featuring either a picture of a favorite princess, or a print out of a favorite quote from a princess story or movie. You can bring in both color and style through the print itself as well as the frame you chose to use. They are an easy accent to create and change, so add a few, and decide how big/small you need them to be based on the wall space you are looking to fill.

Remember, you may only have a princess for a couple of years , so enjoy the moment!!