More likely that not, you have one of the generic full-length mirrors somewhere in your house. If you are like me, it is hanging on the interior of your closet door, because although it is very useful, it is also very unattractive. However, for the $5 it cost we shouldn’t expect anything glamorous. Turns out, there are a bunch of nice and relatively easy ideas for upgrading your mirror , and then maybe it can be a decorative piece in your room too!

The concept is essentially the same as creating a picture frame , for those of you that make them , and do not buy them premade at the store like me. To start out, you need to decide the color and the material you want. Working with wood is the easiest, just by the nature of it, and comes in a wide variety of widths, designs, and textures , all ready to buy off the shelf. The thicker the wood you chose, the more sturdy the frame will be , key if you hope to use the mirror as a leaning mirror rather than hanging it up. If you do not find the exact color you want premade , its easy enough to either paint or stain it to match your space. You will also need wood glue, mirror clips (easy to find online or at the home improvement store), a saw, and a staple gun.

Remove the cheap frame that comes standard with the mirror you already have , it will snap off pretty easily. Arrange the pieces exactly how you want them, and then cut them to fit the shape of the mirror. You can cut them at the four corners at an angle, or just line the pieces up square (much easier to do) and gives it a slightly more modern look. One everything is the correct size, glue the joints together with the wood glue, let dry, then staple the pieces into place for reinforcement. One stapled, add the small mirror clips to the back of the frame. If you are going to further stain or paint the wood, do it at this point, before you attach the mirror.

Attach your mirror into place, and instant upgrade! You now will have a mirror that you are happy to display somewhere other than in your closet!!