Looking for something to do on those rainy days?  We’ve come up with a list of fun projects you can do with the kids inside – and clean up and dress up their bedrooms a little while you are at it!!

Create a “holding area” for stuffed animals. It’s amazing how many stuffed animals a child can acquire over short periods of time; and how much space these little creatures take up! There are a few great ways to organize them which are both easy and cute! One option is to get a bunch of “crates” from the dollar store – they come in a variety of colors/sizes (depending on your child’s collection). Have your child help you set them up and come up with an arrangement – mount them on the wall or in a corner of the room, tie them together with bows or label them by animal/size/whatever your child wants! Another great option is to get netting/fabric and create a hammock for the animals! You can attach it to the walls with simple ribbons and hooks – this generally works best in a corner so you can create a bigger holding area. Let your kids help design/decorate but let it be known that this is “their home” now and you expect them to be put away into it each night before bedtime.

Create a “weekly clothes planner”. A simple but very useful tool to make mornings before school much quicker and easier. All you need is a hanging sweater/shoe organizer and some simple art supplies. Clear a space in the middle of the closet for the organizer to hang and have your child create labels for all of the days of the week. On Sunday nights before bed, have your kids pick out outfits for each day and put them in the proper compartment. Your daily routine has now become one step less complicated!

Create an Art Wall. Instead of art getting thrown around the room, create an area to feature the pieces. A trip to the dollar store is a great place to start; grab some different size/shape/color picture frames, thumbtacks and clothespins. Design a layout with your kids – remove the glass from the picture frames – they will just be used as an outline for where to display the work. Then use the thumbtacks to hang the clothespins directly to the wall. The clothespins will be used to clip a drawing or painting into place.

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