DIY Cleaning Tips

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The great thing about the internet, is there are so many great ideas. The bad thing is, who has enough time to sort through all of the ideas. Luckily, I have a few of the best spring cleaning ideas – that I have tried out myself!

– Cleaning the mattress – Remove all of the sheets/blankets and vacuum the top. When you have finished, cover the entire mattress with baking soda – it removes any moisture, and minimizes any smells that have settled in – and leave it there for two hours. After two hours, vacuum off the layer, and it will be refreshed! If you like the scent of lavender, mix in a few drops of lavender essential oil with the baking soda before spreading it and you will be left with a fresh scent!

– Microwave – Of course, we all wipe down our microwave after using, but for a deep clean, fill a bowl with equal parts water and vinegar and microwave it for two minutes. When you open it, wipe down the insides and everything will easily come off. For a fresh smell, microwave a bowl of water with lemon juice for another few minutes, and get it smelly lemony fresh.

– Blinds – Instead of using a duster – grab a sock – and create a mixture of equal parts vinegar and water – it will help the dust come off quickly and easily, without creating a mess.

– Stainless Steel Appliances & Pans – Mix together some cream of tartar, and water, and grab a sponge. For really built in grime, let the mixture sit for awhile, and when you go back to wipe it down, it will clean right off!

– George Foreman – Something else we always wipe down, and might need a spring clean. But a simple way to clean it is to turn it on, wet a paper towel, and close it for a couple of moments (do not leave it alone!). When you remove the paper towel, wipe it down, and it will be as good as new!

– Kitchen Cabinets – One of my favorites! Create a paste with vegetable oil and baking soda, and a sponge. Wipe down the cabinets – use a toothbrush for hard to reach areas – and it will restore the shine in your dingy cabinets!

All in all, most of these are ideas you can do with simple household products you already have. It’s amazing all of the things baking soda can do! Happy Cleaning!!