Christmas is just around the corner, and of course the mall is a zoo.  But, if you have family coming to visit, here are a few suggestions of some quick and easy decorations to keep the kids busy (and get their help) without having to leave the house.

For starters, go back to basics.  There aren’t many people that haven’t made a paper snowflake at some point in their lives – and there’s a good reason – they are simple, easy, and always fun to make.  (Remember when you made them in elementary school, and the classroom was decorated in less than a half hour.)  And like any at home project, you can make them as simple or fancy as you would like.  To make them a little fancier, get out the glue, and some glitter, or some colorful ribbons to hang them with, and quickly transform a room.

To bring some color into a room – use the same pieces you use the rest of the year, just dress them up.  Take out any glass vases, or jugs that you have around for any other reason throughout the year, and fill them up.  The best way to add a pop of color is using the plain colorful bulb ornaments, and just filling up the containers. You can also fill them with strings of lights that will make a room shine.  You can fill them with bows, ribbons, or even something as simple as candy canes.

If you don’t have any glass containers around that you want to use, you can always get creative. The sauce jar from last nights dinner, or the bottle from the wine you drank, or even the mason jar you got filled as a birthday present over the summer.  And with these, you can either go the same easy route as above or you can paint them (on the inside is neater – and gives you a more tailored look), you can use glitter (with a glue base).  Smaller jars can be dressed up and used as simple candle holders as well.

And again, get the whole family involved, and have fun! Once you get the project started you’ll be surprised at all of the different ideas your family will start to brainstorm together.