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By: Kayla

The winter is fast approaching and everyone is wanting to get into the holiday spirit.  With the holidays just around the corner, everyone is looking for ways to celebrate the season by bringing it into their homes.  In this blog we are going to tell you how to make your own decorations, while having that wow factor to warm up the room with holiday cheer! The best part of doing it yourself is that it can all be done on a budget!

This time of year, the number one adornment that everyone looks for is a beautiful centerpiece to show off to family and friends at holiday gatherings.  It finishes off the table, warms up the area and can also be a great conversation piece. You can make similar matching pieces to put on a mantle or credenza  to spread the warmth of the holiday throughout your home. Repetition is something that can bring unity and brighten any space to make it a lot more homely.  So making multiple pieces that do not have to match but rather use the same colors, shapes, and materials is one way to create a continuous and unified look.

The great thing about creating centerpieces is there are no limits to the size, style or colors. You can get a glass bowl or vase and fill it with ornaments of different shapes and sizes.  Another great idea is to add candles to the bowls or vases.  Getting artificial plants is a great filler because it lasts longer than real greenery and flowers.  When gathering materials, look for items such as holly, colored leaves or flowers, dried fruit, nuts, marbles etc and add them to the mix.  Thicker fabric ribbons and bows are favorable finishing touches and can even be wrapped around the base of wide candles or around the vase or bowl you are using.  Seasonally colored stones mixed with a neutral color stone is a great replacement for the ornaments and gives you a very original custom look.   For this project, visit your local home decor store, dollar store, craft store or housewares store.

To create another excellent centerpiece, that is considered a more “open” option, add a charger plate to your dining room table and arrange three candles of different heights and wrap thick ribbon around the base of each candle.  Next, add some different color ornaments placed in the nooks surrounding the candles and finish it off by placing the artificial plants and greenery in areas with gaps, to fill out the centerpiece.  That is just one creation out of endless ways to get a great looking and tailored piece that will help bring the holiday season right to your table.

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