By Monica B.

When splurging on new decor isn’t in your savings, revamp your bedroom with inexpensive features to make your bedroom more comfortable without breaking the bank. Sometimes it feels like the decorating process is never over.

You may suddenly find inspiration or feel the urge for a change but not be in your budget. The best part is? You can use what you have already in your bedroom. Is your mirror standing naked against stark wall? Dress it up by painting a faux frame around it. It adds an artsy decorative element to the bedroom at a fraction of the cost of buying a frame. Instead of keeping a stark plain wall decals are on inexpensive way to give your walls some personality and flair. Painting furniture helps integrate new pieces into home decor or update old pieces with new decor. Sometimes though, it’s a shame to cover up gorgeous antique wood so try leaving the top of the piece in its natural state. It’s a great way to preserve its original look while keeping it in line with the rest of your decor. Changing hardware on a drawer may seem in significant, but can make a real difference when if you want to decorate your bedroom on a budget, start with a neutral spread and bed skirt. Having neutral bedding will provide a foundation for more adventurous additions. And neutral doesn’t have to be boring! Try different textures and weaves that will liven up your palette. Go wild with pillows and accessories. You can add color, shine, glitter, and class with small pillows. And they are inexpensive! Visit the remnant bin at your local fabric store. Find some luxurious fabrics to make very elegant pillows.