By:  Aisha


I built a new sunroom approximately three months ago. It had seven tall windows.  The room was very spacious about 250sq ft. The walls were painted a light pink; the window trims white. The flooring was a hard wood light oak color and  on top of it sat a floor rug that was also pink. The purpose of the room was to function as a massage parlor for my new business, ran from my home, named “Touched By An Angel.” The problem was I did not have any window treatments and the room was not built with patricians. I needed to have multiple spaces in which my clientele could have their own private rooms. I had then begun my search.

I found a product called a Panel track. It now serves to function as room dividers for my treatment center. I have three in total. What they are, are massive panels of fabric that attach to a huge railing system; almost like a vertical track. The panels slide over to one side and stack up like a curtain; one behind the other. So if I need a room to be bigger or serve customers who come in together as a couple,they can both have more space but still remain together. The color I chose for that was Shadow white Linen , which compliments the pink decor and adds a touch of softness to the room.

The windows themselves were treated with the same fabric but in a series of roller shades adorned with pink sheer drapes on the sides. When pulled down the shades allow for complete privacy which was needed for the rooms to create a relaxing ambiance. I also made sure to add other accent colors of different shades of deep purple and light blue with things such as flowers and aroma therapy candles. Now all I have to do now when my clients come in is turn on the music and let their troubles melt away. Over all I am very pleased in the overall quality of the products in my space. It was a big project made simple.