By: Brenna


About 5 years ago my husband and I purchased our first home; a true fixer-upper. During the years since then, we have been slowly updating  each room. I am pleased to say we are finally on our last room, the living room. When we first moved in, we purchased cheap, off the shelf, mini blinds just to have some privacy. I have always despised how difficult and time consuming they are to clean. I have always loved the look of white window treatments, especially in our living room. Unfortunately,123-ROLL4 the white mini blinds just look grey and dirty from the constant dust collection.

I try to clean them as often as possible, but I’d really prefer something as maintenance free as I can get. Privacy is a concern for me because our windows in this room face the street and I want to be able to stop the neighbors from seeing inside.

Since we have a good amount of work to do in the room, Id love something that is moderately priced. After doing some online research, it seems as though a roller shade would have the easiest maintenance. No slats or grooves to clean, just a smooth, flat surface. I was slightly concerned about the white fabric of the shade and keeping it clear of fingerprints from pulling the shade up and down. Luckily, I came across roller shades with chains to control the shade, which means no messy fingerprints!

And now that the dusty blinds are taken down, it will be a breeze to care for such a simple shade…I’m also excited abut my spring cleaning!