Formal dining rooms have always been a staple in the American dream home. I know when I first bought my house, I had been dreaming of how to design my formal dining room for such a long time. Fast forward 3 years, and I think MAYBE we have used it twice? Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful to look at but completely unused. So why not make it a space that IS used?
Enter the Library/Study. Since mid-2017, there has been a large influx of people completely doing away with the formal dining room and using the space in a new and inventive way; a library. You’re probably asking yourself Well if I do not use a formal dining room, I certainly won’t use a library! Or will you?? Library is a very lose term now-a-days. It is also referred to as a study, home office or even a den. In most cases, people now create their “library/dining room” to be ONE space.
The staple and obvious point of a dining room is indeed the table, which is usually centered in the room. When changing your dining room into more of a library/study, you can still keep the table as is but use it more as a sit and read area, or maybe even a place where homework is generally done. This will allow for a more relaxed and quiet space with less distractions. Adding a bench to one side of the table is a great way to have seating but also not have it be “too comfy” as well so no one dozes off during homework time.
Dressing up the ceiling with a little ornamentation around a fun chandelier is also a great way to change things up in the space. In most cases, people will do at least one entire wall with floor to ceiling shelves that are covered in books, photo albums, picture frames and fun, elegant knick-knacks. In some cases we have even seen people use a wall of shelves for DVDs (or old video tapes!) if you’re more of a movie buff.
The most exciting thing about this new form/style of a dining room is that it can easily be used as an actual dining room again if needed down the road if you keep a long table in the middle. Ultimately, however you decided to remake this space, just be sure to make it your own and a space that will be used.