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One could argue that it’s my fault that both of my kids are obsessed – my daughter with princesses, and my son with dinosaurs.  Since they can remember, in their long 5 years of life, I have bought them more items related to these obsessions than every mother should have.  Now that we have moved into a new house, and they are getting their own rooms, it only seems logical to them that absolutely everything is related!

We started by picking out paint colors, my daughter chose “Pretty Pink,” which looks like a princess exploded, and my son, not as adventurous chose “Paradise Green,” that makes the room look and feel like he’s sleeping in a jungle.  We got bed sets to match in each room, pink sheets/Princess comforter, green sheets/Dinosaur comforter, with lots of matching accessories.  When it came to the furniture, I decided I needed to take a little more control, and go with neutral colors – my daughter got all white and my son got a golden oak bedroom set.

I also got valances to match the themes of their room.  My dilemma is that now I want to get shades to match their walls.  It turns out the options for pink and lime green shades are few and far between.  After going into the fourth store, the women nicely, but directly said – “What are the odds that your kids aren’t going to want different color bedrooms in 5 years?”  Which got me thinking, similar to the insight I  had to buy the neutral furniture, it only made sense to do the same with the shades.  I also didn’t feel as bad spending more money at that point, because they were then an investment instead of a temporary fix.  I ended up with off white room darkening fabric roller shades, which will look great no matter what color the walls are.

And at night, my daughter feels like the princess she desired to, and my son feels like the king of the dinosaurs. And, I won’t be breaking the bank in a few years when they get bored!

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