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I just moved into a new house.  I am not the best decorator in the world, I usually change little things in a room and call it “redecorating,” but as I am now faced with an entire house, I have a bigger problem on my hands.  My current dilemma is, does everything have to match?

Granted, we have a lot furniture as a starting point that we were able to bring with us, but we are still very much in the middle of the “moving” process.  The way that everything worked out, we weren’t able to paint before moving in, so that is something that still needs to be decided.  The other thing is, we are currently living in a fish bowl – literally, no window treatments on any window, so we are currently on display for all of our neighbors to see.

After doing some research, it seems safe to paint the majority of the rooms the same color – they are white now, which I’m not really okay with.  From everything I read, if you go neutral, you can’t go wrong, especially in the main living areas – kitchen, living room, family room, and dining room – and you can bring in different accent colors to really alter the look of the main color.  Since I want something that is a little warmer, I chose a warm tan color. I decided to change it up a little in the bedrooms and bathrooms (greens and blues) that I knew I would not get tired of quickly.

Faced still, with the window dilemma – I decided again, that it probably would not hurt to go neutral.  Deciding between blinds and shades, I came to the conclusion that I really would prefer something I could tilt open and closed to control the light.  Narrowed down to aluminum, wood, or faux wood the decision was a little trickier.  Ultimately, I decided that being we had already put out a lot of money on moving and purchasing the house, curtains and drapes were not in the near future, so I needed to buy something that was going to have a finished look. It turns out that if you’re going white, faux wood looks as good as the real thing, and actually comes with a decorative topper.  This way, if it takes awhile to decorate, it looks good as it is – maybe I won’t even need curtains in the end!

So, having these two dilemmas out of the way really helped – the furniture that is in the rooms will suffice for now, and my plan is to take each room at a time as far as decorating.  I’m hoping that if I take it step by step it will relieve some of the pressure, and knowing that I’m not going to be changing anything for a long time, I really want to get it right!

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