To end this 5 part series, we figured we would end on an easy note. The sense of somatosensation, touch, is one not often thought about when it comes to home decor. However, with the right textures you can create different environments all over your home. Textures can invoke desired feelings or actions. Adopting textiles and carrying it throughout a home, room by room, creates a grounded and rounded world of design.

Plush carpeting and fuzzy blankets make a room cozy and inviting. Stone, lucite, and glass can appear really clean and sterile, yet also have an organic feel to it as well. Cold, hard surfaces like stone and wood can create a heavy or weighted look, which is why when you add in greenery it helps to counterbalance and soften the space. Woven materials create a rugged and antiquated environment. We highly recommend mixing textures in a room to draw a person in.

Decorate so people want to touch something in your home. Give them that overwhelming desire to feel based on looks. Even if your guest do not reach out, their eyes will and it can create a memorable bond or strike up a conversation.

By Lauren C.