Design Trends: Prediction 2016

Design Trends: Prediction 2016

While it’s far too early in the year to determine all of the design trends of the year so far, there are a lot of predictions circulating around the Internet. For starters, a more is less, simpler is better seems to be a common trend.  It seems the color palette for home decor is staying within the neutrals, and the theme of using metals as accent colors seems to be inevitable.

As far as wall colors, 2016 is looking pretty neutral.  Although there are greys predicted, they are more muted versions than last year.  The palette consists of off whites with both a beige and grey tint to them, and some cooler versions of both the grey’s and beige’s.  In terms of accent colors, trend seems to be moving a little further from the greys, and more to bold statement colors including vibrant blues, pinks, and greens – but again just as accent colors not as entire rooms.

As far as furniture, natural woods definitely seem to be this years style thus far.  But in a change from the last few years, some lighter color woods are making a comeback.  Bamboo tones are also predicted to become more popular this year following the trend of going “green” being bamboo grows more quickly than most other woods.  Dark woods appear to be more accent furniture pieces this year as opposed to being the most predominant color of years past.

In terms of decorative elements, metals and textured pieces seem to be sticking around for another year.  This style allows you to bring in decoration without introducing new colors into your room, as most of them fall into a natural color scheme as well.

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