Whether ambient or designed, sound is an important and subtle part of a homes’ character. It’s not just location that influences the sound heard in a home, but the life made within it. The sense of audition can influence the mood for a whole household. Sound is a universal sense; because of that, sound can affect the feel of your home in major ways.

Auditory senses can impact emotions quite deeply. Hearing can give a warning or a comforting signal. Different sounds can offer a multitude of moods; bird songs from and open window is reassuring and comforting, while wind chimes are soothing and tranquil. Sudden sounds can cause anxiety, and loud music or movies can be overwhelming.

When designing a home, try finding that character it deserves. Be sure to eliminate echoes with rugs and window treatments. Fill the silence at night with a noise machine. Set up an outdoor space with a water element or bird house. Be sure to not forget the doorbell, search for the ideal alert that brings that inviting feeling.

Decide the sounds that work for you and your home. Keep in mind as your life changes, so will the sounds in your home and how you fell about them, so make changes if you need to. Just always surround your home with ambiance well suited to life.