By: Sherry

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Decorating formal living spaces can be an expensive project. People think they need roman shades to create formality, when there are many types of shades or blinds that can dress up windows for less. When picking your blind or shade, choosing one with a pattern, valance, or deep rich tone can change the feeling in your room into a formal atmosphere. This can be achieved with a patterned roller shade, a decorative valance on a faux or real wood blind, or a dark espresso pleated or cellular shade. Decorating with any of the these choices in a blind or shade is less expensive then a roman shade and helps create a formal space.

Decorating a window with a pattern can create a formal atmosphere. There are many kinds of patterns to choose from. Common patterns are damask, floral, brocade, lace, or paisley prints. These patterns are traditional patterns that have been used for years. Patterns to stay away from are the more textured type because they are more light and casual looking. Even a pattern that is not as repeated throughout the fabric can look less formal. Most shades will have one of the style patterns suggested. Of course roman shades will have them available, but you can create a very formal atmosphere with a damask print roller shade for half the price of a damask roman shade. Other shades to look into with patterns are cellular or pleated shades. Combining a patterned shade with a deep relaxing tone, and a valance would be the best way to create a formal look.

Maybe you prefer a blind rather than a shade, then choosing a blind with a decorative valance will give a formal look. Valances can be made straight for inside mounting or cornered off with side returns and are made to cover the head-rail. There are different style valances available for most blinds. Right now, faux and real wood blinds are quite popular and you can opt to have a valance that looks like crown molding. Upgrading a valance is less expensive than upgrading to a roman shade. Depending on the type of window and the space it can accommodate, you might need to mount on the frame or wall. The valance then has side returns and can give a very formal look that is very similar to the way a cornice is used. Use a dark wood color, like mahogany or espresso, with a decorative valance to help make the space feel more formal.

There are many options to decorating a formal space without breaking the bank. There are many different types of roller, cellular, and pleated shades that come in beautiful hues, elegant patterns, and that have valance options. There are also blinds available in many rich wood colors with decorative valance options. Whether you decide to combine these ideas, or only use one of them, you will be able to create the formal space you want without spending too much.