The sense of smell is known to be one of the most sensitive. Scents and smells can bring about nostalgia, cravings, and even emotions. Keeping this in mind, surround the room with aromas that indulge a pleasant ambiance.

Fragrance can increase concentration and productivity. A fresh bunch of flowers can cast a light floral scent into the room, causing reminisces of joyful times. Lavender is relaxing, citrus is energizing, eucalyptus is purifying, etc., Essential oils are also a great way to capture scents. Placing a few drops in a diffuser is a natural way to release fragrances into a room. Try to stay away from scented candles; they may be easy to come by, but they can release fumes that can have a negative impact on indoor air quality.

Good smells or bad odors, the power of scent has a huge impact on triggering emotions and memories. Create environments and connections will the smells you choose in each room. Remember, to most people, it isn’t a fragrance – it’s a memory.