As a store that specializes in both blinds and shades, we like to pat ourselves on the back because we are the least expensive option for custom window treatments. The reason why we do this is simple, yes as a business profit is important, but here the customer, and the relationship with each individual one, surpasses it all. With BTG, or Blinds To Go, you are our #1 priority, and here are a few ways we are making our products superior, to better serve you.

For blinds our Vinyls in the 1″ we have made them more durable and as for the 2″ we have made the header where the mechanisms are less noticeable with our valance option. Our Aluminums now come with our Quick Turn Wand option that allows you to tilt your blind 3 times as fast as our competitors. In the 1″ and 2″ aluminum versions, we have less noticeable headers and also these blinds are fire retardant because they are made with oven hardening paint at extreme high temperatures. With our Faux Wood and our Real Woods even though they are traditional little detail that makes them better than the off the shelf brand is that the header and all the reinforcements are made out of metal, the wands are made of real wood oppose to plastic and our cord locking mechanism are superior.

For our shades on the other hand our roller shades are made with stronger aluminum rolls for the fabric to go on that way we are better especially for larger windows. For the Rollers our bottom bars are also less noticeable because we wrap them in the fabric of the shade. Our mechanisms for our spring roller and side winder rollers are innovative and ultimately easier to use.

Last but not least on my list is cellular shades. What makes them better is the shape of the “honey combs” cells. Our cells are “D” shaped vs. “H” shaped, this basically mean with our kind of cells it allows for better insulation or higher R-Values. Also with the “D” shaped cells, it allows it to hold the shape of the cells so it won’t start to sag.

So no matter the product BTG is always looking for ways to improve to better serve you, our #1 priority.

By: Tiffany P.