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My sister just finished moving into her new house. I was very involved in the whole process, the moving, the packing, the unpacking, and best of all the shopping. (It’s always fun to spend money when it’s not yours!) We picked out new furniture, for a couple of rooms, and moved some furniture for a couple of other rooms, but overall it turned out pretty well. The one thing that we hadn’t thought much about was blinds. We knew it was something that you might have to worry about eventually, but being it was the first time either of us had bought a house, we hadn’t put too much thought on it being a priority.

Being the thrifty shopper that I am, I have always been able to find blinds that came in standard sizes, that I could make-work where I needed them. (I tend to be a light sleeper so I like it super dark in my bedroom, and I really like to control privacy in the rest of my house so I usually like to get blinds in place of the plastic rollers that come with apartments). My sister, has always just dealt with whatever came with the place, so together we were a pretty bad combo (at least I kind of knew what the options were). The problem was, none of her windows were normal sizes – they were all sliding windows that were weird sizes I couldn’t find off the shelf (and since it was a house – more of a long-term investment – I decided not to use my typical approach of “making them work.”)

Of course, after moving and buying a lot of knew stuff, there wasn’t a lot of money left in the budget for “custom” products. Luckily, it turns out there are actually a good number of custom manufacturers out there – online and in stores. It did seem like some of the online retailers had some good prices – but the issue was you really didn’t know what you were getting as far as quality – and it didn’t seem like a good idea to invest in something that wouldn’t end up lasting.

We finally came across a blinds store, which had local showrooms – and almost everything on display (so we were able to do some research online and then go feel the products). My sister didn’t want to go too cheap, so we ended up choosing some faux wood (extremely durable yet still cute) and did all the windows to match. The whole process was quick and easy, she had ordered the blinds and gotten them installed within a few days!

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