By: Sai
When shopping for blinds, be weary. I say this because you may see something you like and buy it on impulse. Especially when it comes to blinds. You see blinds are nice and they have a millions options you can add on to them.  But then there is the question, do you really need them?  I’m here to help you ask the right questions, to see if they fit what you are looking for. Let’s look at the most popular options in different blinds and see if they work for you.

Fabric tape can be used on two inch blinds such as aluminum, vinyl, and real/faux wood. What they all have in common is fabric tape. Fabric tapes have been around forever. They are straps of colors that replace the string running through the blind. You see you can use fabric tapes for a couple different needs. The first is if you want to add color to you room. With their immense choice in color you can go neutral or really make a statement and pop by picking some bold color and patterns.

Intimacy is another option that can be used in one or two inch blinds. This option allows you to darken the room more. It pretty much takes the hole running through the slat and places it on the back of the slat so it is hidden. This is really helpful to eliminate the light. This is really ideal for bedrooms.
Top down bottom up is a great option because it allows you to open the shades in two directions instead of one. This allows you to still have privacy but let natural light and air in. This can be done on roman, pleated and cellular shades. It is important to ask yourself if you are going to use top down bottom up, when considering this option. Does your window open from the top down? Are you ground level where it might make a difference or are you on the second floor. Just always make sure this option is not going to go to waste.

Blackout and privacy liners are options you can add to pleated shades or woven wood/ bamboo shades. On a pleated shade you can add a blackout liner so no sunlight may come in. On woven wood you can add either a privacy backing that lets light in or a blackout liner which once again does not let any light in what so ever. For a pleated shade always make sure that you don’t want any light coming into a particular room for whatever reason before adding the liner. Another thing to make sure is that the pleated shade fabric you’re interested in gives you enough privacy. You see some fabrics are see through so you can either pick a different fabric that gives privacy or just get it backed so you can keep the fabric you like. With the bamboo always make sure you know what level of light blocking you like and how much privacy you need.  For instance, in the sunroom you might not put anything up because it’s just for a look, but if it’s in the front of your house or in a bedroom you will need privacy.

You see these are the more popular custom options. Always make sure you know exactly what you are looking for don’t always just get it on impulse make sure you actually need the option YOU are paying for.