When my cousin bought her first home this spring, we converted a large nook area into a sunroom. She was thrilled to have a place all her own where she could relax in the sun with a good book.  But, a sunroom is essentially a greenhouse. All that glass traps in the heat. That’d be great for plants but it’s not so much fun for a young woman!

Problem identified, we went out in search of a solution. Cutting the heat down was important, but so was insulation. The windows are old and not well insulated, and she can’t afford to heat the whole outdoors come winter! It’s also on a small lot with nosey neighbors on each side so privacy is a big concern too. 

With the criteria laid out, the choice was simple: it had to be white cellular shades. The honeycomb-like cells trap the air, keeping the cool air inside. But, despite the two layers of fabric, a great deal of light still penetrates, keeping the small room bright and airy. But light doesn’t mean sight; the neighbors can’t see a thing unless you’re pressed up against it – and even then it’s no more than a silhouette.

As an added bonus, she got the “top down, bottom up” feature. To get in even more light without sacrificing privacy, she can lower the shades from the top. It’s a clean and versatile look that gives her the best of all possible worlds!