By: Nasim

When looking for window treatments a lot of times we expect to have to finish it off with curtains. I mean why go through all the effort of finding a nice beautiful product and then having them covered half of the time with curtains?

There are other options to receiving that more finished look rather than resorting to the old curtain rod. When shopping for shades there are a couple of options that automatically offer a more finished look.

A Couple Options for window treatments with a more finished look are:

1) Faux Wood/Wood Blinds
2) Roman Shades
3) Bamboo Shades
4) Roller Shades

You may be asking how these shades offer more finished looks? The answer is simple, their valances. With the faux wood/wood blinds, a beveled designer valance is the perfect way to top off the blind for a more finished look. It can also in many cases compliment the current window frame you have.

With a Roman shade, the classic style gives a more fancy look that prevents the need for curtains. In fact, most of the time when you add curtains it can be too much. It also has it’s own valance right on the shade.

Bamboo shades also come with a valance that finish off the look and you can also get them in the classic panel which adds a nice flow to the shade. Again with the nice flow, a curtain can counteract with the shades look, as it is very fancy itself.

Last but not least is the roller shade, now you may be thinking “how is a roller shade even considered a finished look?” Well, with the options of getting a valance it makes it almost pointless to consider putting up a curtain. With the fabric cassette, you don’t even have to worry about matching your curtain color to the roller shade as the fabric on the roller shade is used for the valance!

These are just a couple of alternatives to the age old curtain. These are great alternatives to be able to show your new window treatment off without having to cover it up or add any additional touch ups.