Creating Drama

The family room has become a suburban standard. The formal living room has now more often been left to languish, only to be dusted off for holidays and other special occasions. If you have one of these rooms that is seldom used or not valuable in your home, you can convert it into something more useful.

With just a few technical adjustments, you can create your living room into a bar/ entertainment room. A very practical choice especially for those who enjoy entertaining or just having friends over for a fun night in. You can add a pool table or foosball table, install a HD large size TV on the wall and a sound system; these additions when added with music will transform the space into your own lounge/hang out area. The neighbors will be begging to come over and hang out!

Another option is installing or buying a pre made bar. This was it moves people out of the kitchen and into your newly formed hang out space so everyone can be together whether you are talking or playing a game.

As a window treatment, match your blinds to the floor or a bar, this way the front of the house is connected to the bar area. My personal choice would be real wood or faux wood blinds. They are easy to clean and to maintain. Faux wood blinds less expensive than real wood blinds too and will give you the same look and not warp in the sun if exposed to heat constantly.

Once the hard job is done, invite your friends over for Sunday night football, and have your self an ice cold martini!