By: Karen

When replacing my old windows , which were extremely old and drafty, I decided to get the new, fancy style crank out windows. They seemed to be the newest style when shopping around, and they did work extremely easily. I had considered that because the dimensions of the windows would be changing, and my existing blinds would need to be replaced (it was time for them to be updated anyway).

The thing that I hadn’t considered was the cranks , and how they would interfere with my blinds. Originally, I had planned to just replace my old cellular shades with new, clean ones, but once I got to ordering them, I realized that the crank would now prevent them from sitting on the sill, and hanging flat against my window. Of course, I could order them slightly short, shy of the crank and just have them stop there, but how dumb would that look??

It seemed my other options weren’t much better , pleated shades would do the same, blinds would get caught on them going up and down. Roman shades were an option , because the folds would billow out over the crank , unfortunately once I priced them out I realized they were far out of my budget after replacing all of the windows. Roller shades , something I hadn’t even thought of were actually a really good option , they lay flat, so they would just tuck behind the crank on their own and lay flat.

I picked out a white shade with a little texture, to dress it up a little, and accent the other elements in my room. I guess my lesson learned is to think ahead to all aspects of a project, because if you do not consider all of the steps you may end up limiting yourself in the end, and causing unnecessary stress!