Geometric pattern roman shades on these French glass patio doors

Although the general idea of providing privacy or adding to a room’s decor is applicable to treatments for windows and doors, there are some differences you should consider when looking for a covering for your door. First, the window treatment you decide on should depend on what kind of door you are trying to cover. The way the door functions will play a role in determining what kind of blind or shade you should put on it. For instance, if you have a sliding door, you may opt for a blind or shade that moves from side to side instead of up and down. This is perhaps why vertical blinds are common choices for sliding doors. Other vertical treatments such as sheers, panel tracks and vertical cellulars are also popular because they operate like the sliders. Conversely, if you have a set of French doors or just a single door, you may want a treatment that moves up and down.

If you have French doors or just a single door, there are additional considerations to review prior to selecting a window treatment. For instance, if the glass on the door is particularly long and you plan on lifting your treatment up and down often, you may want to think about the weight of the treatment. Pleated, cellular, roller or aluminum blinds may be the best options in this case. While you can certainly use a wooden blind or roman shade, you would need to be comfortable with lifting the heavier weight. Another consideration would be how much the window treatment will stick off of the actual door. This is especially important because of how French or single doors move and sometimes open into a wall or another door. You want to be sure that the treatment has a low profile so that it doesn’t get damaged from colliding into another door or wall. Finally, if your door swings open and close, make sure your blinds or shades come with an option to hold down the bottom either by bracket or some type of fixture.

The look of a window treatment for a door is also very important when trying to cover the glass. Before you look for a window treatment, think about the other windows in the same room or near the door. Often, it makes sense to try and match the blind or shade for the door with that of the windows in the same room or near it. However, if an exact match is not possible, it is certainly okay to do something similar. For instance, if you have wooden blinds on your windows, you can certainly use a mini blind to cover the glass on your door.

By Gina G.