By: Karen

In my new home, we loved the new living room, probably more than any other room in the house.  It was in the front corner, and it’s bright, sunny, and open. After moving in, decorating, and installing a new LED TV on the wall, we realized as much as we didn’t want to, we may need the option of some light control if we ever wanted to watch TV in the afternoon (being a household full of avid Red Sox fans, afternoon TV is a necessity in the summer)!

The problem was, part of the reason we get so much light into the room, was a result of the transom windows , the little, non-movable windows above our regular windows.  Not only did they provide great light, but they were also a great architectural element in the room.  They gave the ceiling the illusion of being higher, and overall made the room feel bigger and more open.

But, back to the dilemma of the light, I stopped into a few local blind stores, and it turned out there are a few options.  You can cover the windows from the top of both down and choose something that stacks up tight, so you have the option of opening it all up. You could install a separate blind on both the top and regular blind, to give more control over the windows and the light.  Or, you could treat just the bottom windows and leave the top exposed (most people, if covering for privacy chose this option because no one can see in the high windows).

After looking through some pictures, (actually A LOT of pictures , on google), we decided just to treat the bottom half. Our reasoning behind this was , we didn’t like the look of having the whole window covered in one piece, so we decided to try covering the bottom half to see if it would accomplish what we needed , and if it didn’t we would treat the top half separately with a matching treatment.

We ended up going with white wood blinds because they really matched the decor in the room , a country style with cream walls, floral and plaids in light blues and yellow.  And to our delight, the blinds ended up doing the trick.  They provided enough light blocking in the afternoon, and when left tilted open, really finished off the look of the room.  As far as the installation it turned out to be simple , the blinds could be installed on the inside of the frame on the bottom window, so both windows are still framed out neatly.  I love my blinds now!