Country Living


Now who doesn’t love some country décor? There are endless possibilities when it comes to this style and it is becoming more and more popular in homes, fashion and even wedding themes! But what I am going to focus on is the home décor. When I think of country décor like many, I think of plaid, a whole lot of PLAID! I’m going to try to change your mindset on plaid being the only option to make your home look country chic.

My favorite room to have a country style would have to be in the kitchen. Now don’t go run and purchase everything with roosters on it from your local home goods store. Although roosters are definitely a country item, limit yourself to maybe one or two decorations. There are plenty of other items you can purchase or DIY to get you looking like you live in the country in no time.

Lets start with mason jars. Not only can mason jars be used for storing and preserving food and jams, it can also be used as decorative pieces to make a country statement. I like to use my mason jars as centerpieces with fresh picked flowers from my garden. Or, as glassware for my guests when they come over and we need a little “adult” lemonade! Mason jars come in all shapes and sizes and can really add a simple but elegant touch to any kitchen with a country theme. If you are feeling extra crafty, you can purchase chalkboard labels and add those to the mason jars to write what you put in them.

Another simple idea to add to your kitchen are real wood or faux wood blinds. They usually look best in a 2” slat where you can add a decorative ribbon (that some like to call suspenders). This will definitely add some country to those boring windows and still keep it simple and elegant. Usually I like to match my cabinets, furniture, or wood floors to really bring out the natural feel you normally get in a country kitchen.

Don’t be shy to mix and match textures and patterns. In the long run it can all come together. As long as you don’t have a room full of roosters and apples, that might be a country disaster!