By: Karen

So, we’re decorating the nursery.  We’ve painted – a light, gender neutral yellow and green, and decorated with a jungle theme.  We got new furniture (at a reasonable price, because really, we know a lot of the pieces will be outgrown in a short period of time, and we’re not the type to spend frivolously). We even got valances to match the theme, with the same colors, and elephants and palm trees embroidery.    

But now we need shades or blinds, or something of the sort that will make nap time possible.  I’ve read every baby magazine and book written (or so it seems).  The key points that I have walked away with are that blackout and cordless should be the two top priorities.

Blackout makes sense to us. Unless we think our child will defy the odds and sleep through daylight, but that’s not a risk I’m willing to take! It seems that blackout is best found in a shade – because blinds will always let a little light filter in, so that helped to narrow it down.  I also discovered if we go with cellular blackout shades we could add extra insulation – so why not cut down on the heating bill at the same time?

The question now was, is cordless really worth the extra $40 – $50 per shade?  Granted, I am just as concerned about child safety as the next parent (we have invested in door latches, and electrical covers in every room in the house), but if the crib is over 8 feet away from the changing table, is it really posing a hazard? And fast forward a few years to having a 5 year old – chances are the shades will be yanked on, have finger prints all over the fabric, and far more likely to be damaged if they’re being touched – than if I could just teach my child  to pull the cord.

After going to the store the salesperson sensed my skepticism, she nicely suggested we get child safety cleats, so we could just wrap the cords safely out of the way of little hands.

We ended up purchasing the corded cellular blackout shades (from the non-judgmental salesperson – a mom herself) and have attached the cord cleats for added safety.  And, we are left with an extra $100 to spend on diapers.  Now, all that’s left is for our son or daughter to arrive!!