Copper & Pink Trends

Baby pink walls soften the industrial feel of my best friends bedroom in her newly renovated New York City loft. I visited her after Christmas break and it looked amazing. It was cute, fun, and romantic looking. She even had small touches of copper and pink furniture. Her bed frame was like an old antique copper frame (except it was brand new). Her kitchen was bright white cabinets, counter-tops, her island in the middle was also all bright white. She added copper pendants for her lights that were hanging down. Her appliances, however, were baby pink. It looked like it was a Pinterest inspired decor. I don’t know if she’ll ever get sick of them, though. It was super cute! Since copper played like a neutral color; it can be combined with a bunch of color combinations, like a playful living space in bright candy hues. The copper-pink craze is also unbelievably chic in the bathroom. I couldn’t really tell if the tiles in the bathroom were pink, or just exuding a pink hue by reflection, it was so nice seeing how the baby pink tiles meshed beautifully with the copper pipes and hardware. It was like showering in a fairytale bathroom. I was in the middle of  Manhattan, so I didn’t really expect less. Her newly renovated loft overlooking New York City was basically heaven. One could only dream to have a place like she did.