Unfortunately, at this point in the year, most of us have had to turn on the heat. It’s always a reminder of the window that is a little too drafty, or the door that isn’t sealed as well as it should be , and makes us start considering the cold months that lie ahead of us. With the holidays ahead, it is also a time we do not want to start too many new projects. The good thing is, covering your windows is a fairly simple process that can solve a lot of your heat issues fairly quickly.

The best option for keeping the cool air out of your house is a hard window treatment , something that lies closest to your window opening. Rollers and roman shades will provide a barrier to the outdoors, but ultimately cellular shades are the go to product if you are looking to insulate the windows.

The greatest thing about the cellular shades are all of the options. They are available from the most basic, white fabric, that raise up and down with a string, to the most complex shades that you can operate from your couch with a touch of a remote control. But, let me back up in case you are not familiar with them. Cellular shades are a polyester shade, comprised of two layers of material that create an air pocket , therefore keeping out the cold air in the winter , and have the reverse effect of keeping in the air conditioning in the summer.

The shades are available in a wide variety of colors, and patterns. They can be made sheer , to still give the feeling of an open room, light filtering , private but let light into the room, or darkening , for those of you that enjoy sleeping in on the weekends or an occasional afternoon nap. They can be made as simple as pulling a string to raise them, or without cords that can just be pushed up or down. They also have a feature where they can both raise from the bottom and lower from the top , if you need some privacy in a nosy neighborhood. And the newest feature, is that they can be motorized , and operate from a remote control. The great part about all of these options is that you are open to matching the decor of any room in your home, and to fit the project into any budget as well.