By: Karen

So last night as I was cleaning up from dinner, I looked out the window to see my neighbor waving back to me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my neighbors, but there are some times that I need my privacy, and cleaning up after dinner in my hot pink pajama’s is one of those times.  But the problem is, I make a mess of the entire kitchen every time I cook! There are three windows , one that is right over the sink, one over the counter, and one near the table.   So when I wash dishes, I splash, when I am prepping food I splatter things, and near the table nothing is safe.  

This is exactly why we do not have anything hanging up on the windows. Until about a year ago, we had curtains hanging, and then we redecorated. When we took down the curtains, we realized how dirty they were , covered in little stains and spots, and although it embarrasses me to admit this, there were spots of mold growing. So we decided at that point that we should just leave the windows bare, and see what happens, but clearly that’s not working.

After doing some research, it seems that there are actually a few options that might work for my kitchen.  Obviously I need something that is easy to clean, and I also need the option of having privacy whenever I do not want the neighbors to see my around the house clothes. It seems that vinyl is the best option –  fabric, even though they claim to be treated, seem like an accident waiting to happen, and real wood, it turns out can’t get wet.  Vinyl roller shades, although probably the best option for cleaning honestly seemed boring and old fashioned.   But it turns out I could get faux , fake , wood blinds that are made out of PVC , so I can just wipe them down when they get messy.

I was able to pick out a color from a large variety of faux wood blinds that match exactly to my cabinets, and being that it is a warm brown color, they do not show splatters unless you are looking really close. They wipe down easily, I’ve cleaned them a few times since I hung them, and they look like new after every cleaning.  And the best part is, I can tilt them open and closed , depending on what I’m wearing!